BE Youth Summer Camp

Camp Dates & TimesJune 8th-12th | July 13th-17th

Monday – Friday

Every Day 2pm – 4pm

Ages 8-14

$100 for one week

$180 for Both June and July Camps

Join Be Hot Yoga for our Juniors Yoga Summer camp – a fun, creative, educational, and enriching approach to yoga. Throughout the day kids will learn about themselves as individuals and make meaningful connections with others in the room. This immersion in yoga will provide the opportunity for children to grow physically through increased strength, flexibility, balance and coordination, as well as mentally and emotionally through the use of affirmations, breath work, and concentration.Led by Dani Andrew (a former elementary school teacher) classes will consist of yoga, mantras, breathing, visualization, activities, and games. It will be a FUN interactive way to learn all about chakras.

Recommended Age:
8-14 Years Old

What to Pack:
Water Bottle
Yoga Mat (rent from the studio if you don’t own one)

What is Provided:
Daily Mantra
Daily 45 minute yoga flow
Packet for learning
Awesome Swag Bag
Some Snacks

JUNE Sample Week Learning Goals:

Why Chakras? Because children are more open and receptive to energies than adults. By learning about the charkas it helps them to understand and communicate the sensations they experience and how they are affected by the energies in their internal and external worlds. Understanding chakras allows kids to better understand themselves, enables self-care and independence, and builds trust in their own intuition.

Day 1:
Muladhara (root chakra) which represents our foundation and feeling of being grounded

Day 2:
Svadisthana (sacral chakra) which represents our ability to accept others and to be open to new experiences
Manipura (solar plexus chakra) which represents our ability to be confident and in-control of our lives

Day 3:
Anahata (heart chakra) which represents our ability to feel love and gratitude
Vishudda (throat chakra) which represents our ability to communicate

Day 4:
Ajna (third eye chakra) which represents our ability to focus and look within
Sahasrara (crown chakra) which represents our ability to be fully connected

Day 5:
Review all 7 chakras
Experience a crystal alchemy sound bath

JULY Sample Week Learning Goals:

Why yamas and niyamas? Jokingly referred to as the 10 commandments of yoga the yamas and niyamas are a moral code of conduct – a guideline on how to live. Not related to any one religion, these principles can help children make careful decisions about how to behave, speak, and think. The 5 yamas teach kids how to become a good friend to others, the world, and themselves. The 5 niyamas teach kids how to become a good person as they build character, self-discipline, and mindfulness. Learning these essential principles at a young age helps kids to navigate the world they live in as they grow into kind and successful people.

Day 1:
Ahimsa – don’t be harmful to myself or others/be caring
Satya – don’t lie/be honest with myself and others

Day 2:
Asteya – don’t steal/be generous
Bramacharya – don’t waste my energy/use my energy wisely
Aparagraha – don’t be greedy/be grateful for what I have

Day 3:
Saucha – be clean
Santosha – be happy
Tapas – work hard

Day 4:
Svadhyaya – studying is important/learn about myself and the world
Isvara Pranidhana – always trust in myself

Day 5: Review and class party

About Dani:
Dani began her yoga journey in late 2018; she was an occasional student who enjoyed classes but wasn’t in a place where she was ready to let it change her life. After going through a hard family loss in the summer of 2019 she decided she wanted to start taking her yoga more seriously, she knew that yoga always made her feel good and she wanted to know why. Dani was looking for purpose to life and understanding to the tough trials it can sometimes bring. In fall 2019 she enrolled in Rob Hess’s 200 hour yoga teacher training and the trepidation she felt towards entering a teacher training early on in her own yoga journey quickly dissipated as she fully committed to her yoga practice and study. Her teacher training was transformative and she emerged a new person – ready to help others find healing through yoga as she did. Dani has been teaching at BeHot since completing her 200 hour training and has since gone on to earn her advanced hands on assist certification with Zeek Vincent.

With a background as an elementary school teacher Dani has a solid understanding of child development and education. She has worked with children from all walks of life and is very passionate about teaching them. Through teaching children’s yoga and junior’s flow yoga at BeHot over the past 8 months she has already had the opportunity to see how quickly children take to yoga and the positive influence it has in their lives. She hopes to share this passion with as many youth as she can, helping them develop the skills they need to navigate life with grace as they grow.

Hailey came to be hot yoga in 2017, she immediately fell in love with be hot, she enrolled Jasher’s 200hours teacher training, when Jasher causally asked her a question he has asked many students “why you love yoga “without hesitations Hailey said “yoga will never betray me “ truly one of the best answers.

Now as a mom of a 22months old, Hailey is ready to share her yoga passion with you, she said “my son is my zen master, he enlightened me to stay in this present moment, to enjoy all the aspects of life “Hailey also did her advances hands on assist with Zeek Vincent.

A Weekend of Yoga w/ Robert Hess

Saturday July 18th | Soul Power 
1pm – 3:30pm
Single Day $35
Both Days $60
Join Rob for this Dynamic flow as we dive deep into the power within. This moving meditation will awaken the great life force as we flow from the our center igniting the prana shakti. Come ready to open your mind and connect to your inner fire while staying rooted in the power of the divine.
Sunday July 19th | Follow Your Heart
1pm – 3:30pm
Single Day $35
Both Days $60
The art and practice of yoga is the study of the body, mind, and spirt…. it is a timeless practice that follows the journey of the heart.
The Heart space is the place where we connect it is the place we come together as one.
Join Rob this  for this beautiful practice as we dive deep into the hearts space allowing ourselves to open to the new year and the amazing  power that comes when we follow our heart.  This practice of following your heart applies to all aspects of life in which conscious action and positive intention will bring us and those into the light.
Come ready to smile, and to dive deep as we shine bright from the heart opening to the great unknown.

Virtual WINTER Semester 2020



IN PERSON with Rob 1st Weekend (recommended but not required)

Friday September 25th – Sunday September 27th


September 30 – January 13, 2021

Wednesdays 6pm – 10pm (MDT)

Saturdays & Sundays

8am-10:30am, 11am-1pm, 2pm-5pm

Last week of training also to be participated in person in studio at Be Hot. Please contact hanna@behot.com if needing help with accommodations.

Graduation on January 13th, 2021.

Two Weeks Scheduled OFF

Thanksgiving Nov.23-Dec.1, Christmas Dec.23-Dec.29

Join BE University for a truly unique opportunity to learn virtually from one of the top leaders in the Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training world. This Fall 2020 we bring for the first time ever 300 Hour RYT Virtual Pranic Soul Yoga Teacher Training with internationally renowned master teacher trainer Rob Hess.


Rob will guide you in this dynamic teacher training course as we dive deep into the power within. This moving meditation will awaken the great life force as we flow from our center igniting the prana shakti (life force). Come prepared and ready to open your mind and connect to your inner fire while staying rooted in the power of the divine.

ABOUT ROB HESS: Rob’s Teaching has evolved and has come a long way from where he began practicing in Cleveland Ohio to his day’s teaching in Washington DC to now living in Southern California, from where he travels to teach throughout the world. What drew him to the practice of yoga was the physical part but after year of study and devotion it’s the spiritual part of the practice that feed his soul. And through this amazing journey he found his home in the Prana Flow community with his teacher Shiva Rea. While Rob’s style is ever evolving, Rob’s teaching is rooted in Prana Flow: a synthesis-oriented approach to living the art of yoga created by his primary teacher, Shiva Rea. Born from the traditions of classical yoga, Bhakti, Tantra and Ayurveda, Prana Flow integrates various forms of spiritual embodiment practice to reveal yoga as a flow of unity consciousness.

Rob has traveled all over assisting Shiva’s workshops and teacher trainings. And through her guidance he loves to share with others all that he has come to know and hold dear to his heart. Rob’s style of teaching is fun, challenging, and lighthearted as he tries not to take life to seriously. He encourages students to enjoy the journey rather than fighting to get to the destination.

Rob has been leading workshops and training all over the U.S. and loves how the power of yoga is universal that no matter where he goes you can feel an amazing sense of community and love. Rob has found that through his own sadhana yoga can free the body and mind from the self limitations we impose on our selves and that through practice we are able to get in touch with the very essence of who we are. His goal as a teacher is to help students uncover their own personal truth and live a life that is empowered.

Throughout the training you will experience shifts of understanding and awareness that bring you more in touch with yoga and your own true nature. Prepare to open your heart, soar with grace, and smile while flowing with love. Let the spirit move you, and have fun rocking your Sadhana in your own divine way. Sadhana means spiritual exertion towards an intended goal. The goal of Sadhana is to attain some level of spiritual realization, and this practice can involve meditation, chanting, and all around joy or bliss, as we come together and share. Pranic Soul will awaken our deepest connection to the source and renew the Prana Shakti (the life force) within each and everyone of us.

Learn to direct the flow of energy (prana) in your life and on you mat. Cultivate a powerful practice both as a student and a teacher. If you want to embody more meaning in your yoga and live every day with more joy, take this training course. It’s exciting, dynamic and comprehensive, and brings together the best of the yogic traditions from the east and west.


Reg. $5,500, first ever 300hr virtual training pricing $2,999 with the option of 6, 9 or 12 month payment plans interest free. A $500 non-refundable deposit can be made to reserve your spot. For tuition payment options, please contact hanna@behot.com.


Completion of a 200 hour (vinyasa) teacher training program. Contact hanna@behot.com special circumstances.

Workshop available for those coming from foundations training to vinyasa or may just need a refresher for additional 1 week in August with Rob, going in depth into Namaskars. This is an additional $750. Email hanna@behot.com for more information if needed.

CURRICULUM OVERVIEW : Asanas: Advanced Sequencing. Namaskars: Create Flow in a Mandala from not only linear + Advanced Namaskars. Teaching: Rehearsal and Practice (lots) Meditation Practice and teaching Pranayama Teaching Methodology Workshops

Adv. Modifications/Adjustments/Assists Blocks/Straps/Bolsters Motive and Posture Anatomy and Alignment Energetic Anatomy: Prana/Chakras History and Philosophy of Yoga Study of the Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, and the Upanishads Thriving as Yoga Teacher or Studio owner “Have at least one dream which you know you will not complete in your own lifetime.” In this training, you will learn:

The skills of phenomenal teaching – roots, history, tradition, and modern-day applications.

Explore Yoga philosophy and culture.

Movements of Prana

Foundation and framework for teaching any style of class from Hatha to Vinyasa to Restorative style yoga.


Basic anatomy of movement, muscles, and bones.

The fundamentals of yoga postures – breath, alignments, bandhas, human and energetic anatomy. Also, understand modifications and injury prevention.

How to give safe adjustments through hands-on practice and observation.

How to work with injuries and pregnancies in an all levels public yoga class and in private instruction.

Business, Marketing and Online presence for yoga teachers.

Yogi Diet: Proper nutrition and healthy living for your unique body and lifestyle.

BE University offers one of the most affordable teacher training programs in the country.

A sample day (weekends):

8:00 am Meditation

8:15 am 90 Minute Class

10:00 am Lectures And Clinics

10:30 am 30 Minute Break

11:00 am Art Of Teaching, Assisting

12:00 pm Art Of Practice

1:00 pm Lunch Break

2:00 pm 90 Minute Practice

3:30 pm Review

4:30 pm Guided Meditation

The way to peace is within. Go Within. BE. “There’s one investment that supersedes all others: Invest in yourself.” Everyone and everybody obtains immense potential .” Take the journey, Be Hot Yoga’s First 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training, see below for details about how there is much more than learning yoga, or postures… so much more! Have you thought about becoming an instructor?

Teacher Training Highlights


Shift from student to teacher through self-exploration and transformation

Redefine your posture’s edge

Apply the principles of yoga to your life


Join a community that shares your passion for yoga

Awaken the teacher within

Build confidence leading a group


Manageable program schedule that allows you to live your normal life.

Eight-week course general schedule: Saturday and Sunday full immersion into yoga, with flexible, self-directed coursework and practice during the week.


Along with learning to teach the entire Hot Yoga series, you will be able to immerse yourself in an all-encompassing exploration of yoga: Journey deeper toward self-exploration and transformation.

Learn the skills of phenomenal teaching – language, connection, and service.

Understand the fundamentals of yoga postures – breath, neutral alignment, human and energetic anatomy.

Explore Yoga philosophy, history, and culture.