Letting In: The Other Side of Letting Go

Jasher Feellove - August 1, 2018 - 0 comments

Letting In: The Other Side of Letting Go:

The art of the effortless way. What does that mean? It means that most of the time we hold ourselves back because we really don’t let things in on a deep level. When we let the breath in on a deep level, it creates a peace affect (and effect) on the physical body. When we let love in, it creates a nurturing and harmonizing effect (and affect) on all levels of our being.

Many times in pop culture we hear the term “let it go”. The issue is, we don’t want to let it go because that means change. Change is terrifying, as it is the unknown—it means things will be different. It means, in a term, I came up with, we will become “the beginner’s fool,” and that is ok. A new beginning is always something else’s ending.

When possible, I am an advocate for the graceful path, and the graceful path is letting in. When you let the light in, the darkness or fear is circumvented. All the other things—and they are unique for each person—must succumb. When we allow the breath in on a deep level, it creates an equilibrium in the body and equanimity in the mind. When the mind is in this state of equanimity and the body is in the state of equilibrium, without trying to fix 10,000 things, you have let them all go. This is the graceful path. This is the art of letting in.

Letting in creates awareness—and awareness is key. Awareness is empowering because it allows you to enjoy each step on your path without the feelings of insecurity about your journey.

I love the quote by William Shakespeare, “Assume a virtue if you have it not.”  In other words, let in who you already are, but in your mind have told yourself you are not. By assuming this virtue, you let go of what has been standing in your way.

Go within, let in. The true purpose of practice is to see things as they are. To observe them as they are. To observe yourself in your true nature, and to let everything go, as it goes.

Breath in, breathe out, make room, let in.