Hot Pilates Series I and II

Hot Pilates Series I and II

August 4-5

9 AM – 7:30 PM


Hot Pilates Philosophy

The “Hot Pilates” Philosophy of Teaching is simple. Take the Classic Pilates method, originally created by Joseph Hubertus Pilates, and combine it with energetic, fluid choreography, that includes progressive movements and High-Intensity Interval Training, that will engage and challenge all levels of practice. Change happens through movement (movement heals). Having your clients and or yourselves learn in a flowing style, with appropriate corrections at the appropriate time, will transform the physical body and simultaneously rid the body of compensatory weaknesses that contribute to chronic injuries. What are we made of and what holds us together? Why do so many people suffer from chronic conditions?

With this training, those questions will be answered and more and you will develop the tools to instruct clients (or yourselves) through a complete Hot Pilates workout! Yes, I said WORKOUT! Bodies will change from the core or “powerhouse” (i.e from the inside out). There will be noticeable improvements in posture, strength, stamina, flexibility, endurance and an overall feeling of wellness! Healthy postures can be achieved through learning, practicing and teaching with a thorough foundation. With this training, you will learn how to create a safe challenging Hot Pilates class that works and shows significant results for all demographics. Your experience in this Teacher Training Program will be rewarding and requires your full participation. Recognize that learning comes in stages. Your knowledge and experience in other forms of fitness will be different from that of Hot Pilates; Please be open to this new language. As you learn, you will need to be responsible for your own requirements and also continue to experience Hot Pilates physically in your own body.

Who is Training you?

Lisa Jean Feellove trained extensively from age 7 through adulthood in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop & every fitness modality. She began her dance training in grade school where her very first dance teacher taught each lesson using the Joseph Pilates technique for strengthening and creating balance in the body. She received her first group fitness certification in 1991 when she began teaching and continued on earning every fitness certification there was for the next 18 years. She also trained and toured with Culture Shock Dance Las Vegas, taking her dance training and expertise in Pilates practice to a whole new level. She performed with Missy Elliot, T-Pain, Napoleon and Tabitha Dumo, Ludacris, R. Kelly and more. She choreographed locally for high school dance teams and other local dance studios with her creative and cutting-edge choreography.  She owned and operated her own dance studio and trained up and coming dancers in Pilates and Dance. She has many certifications which include Mat Pilates 1,2 and 3, Yoga alliance 500+ RYT, Barre certified with the International School of Ballet and more.  She began teaching the Hot Pilates method 8 years ago and developed the Hot Pilates certification program that many instructors now teach today. She continues to influence and pass on her love of Hot Pilates weekly in any of her weekly group practices. She innovated a new way of teaching the traditional Ballet Barre program that pulls from her experience and comprehensive knowledge in dance, yoga, and pilates and her Barre program are one of the most intense and thorough workouts available today. A continuous FLO at the Barre that incorporates 100’s of different moves to cultivate strength, definition, and posture. This Barre class is performed in both a heated and non-heated environment. Students have been known to burn through 700-1300 calories in one single heated Barre class. She inspires others to be the best they can be through her energy and verve for life. She is the mother of 5 beautiful children and loves sharing her passion for continued excellence and growth through her teaching and in developing and creating other powerful certified instructors.