Sarah Skinner

I have had a few roller coaster fitness journeys but have found my place at BeHot. With all the amazing workout classes they have, paired with yoga my body and mind have it’s balance of what it takes to be healthy and strong from the inside out. When I am not getting sweaty at BE HOT I also love to run.
My passion in life is people. We are all in different places at different times and I am excited to encourage each individual to love yourself and get fit while doing just that.
My greatest blessings are my family. I have a supportive husband who is always encouraging me in everything I do. He is my perfect balance in this thing called life.
My son is a very competitive 11-year-old athlete. His determination to rise above and be his best self is one of my biggest driving forces to always be my best self. I was also blessed with a very strong-willed little girl who is 7. She is very colorful and slows down to see the awe and wonder everything. These are my biggest reasons why!