A Weekend with Zeek Vincent

Zeek Vincent is an International Teacher that travels extensively around the globe conducting workshops, retreats, and various Teacher Trainings.

Join us for an unforgettable weekend with him.


 Signature Series 
75 minutes
Donation OR $15 Drop-In rate
An alignment based format series creating foundational postures that aids in
the progression of the yoga practice.
It’s a Level 1/2 with a temperature of 103 degrees and 50% humidity.


Yin & Wine Engagement
3 hours
$35  Early Bird (Before 9-19) – $40 after
Join Zeek as he hosts a 3-hour workshop that will indulge you in wine and a relaxing yin class.
Yin classes focus on the cultivation of longer, deep holds that are static in nature.
This opens, strengthens and builds the soft tissue and bone.
It is also meditative in nature. The meridians (chi, prana) are often focused as a part of this practice also.
Focused Yin postures will assist in balancing these energy centers effectively.
Pair that with a glass of your favorite wine to make the perfect Saturday afternoon!


Postural Anatomy 
3 hours
$35 Early Bird (Before 9-19) – $40 after
Enhance your anatomical knowledge by infusing it into a language that
you and your students (should you teach yoga) are able to connect with
through verbal physiological guidance.  Discover more tricks and insight to
what happens in the body when it engages, contracts, squeezes or is
passive….and more.
*Understand the physiology behind the posture cues
*How to speak to yoga injuries (risks, causes, cures, and preventions)
*Zone deeper into your own practice, by educating yourself further, and
imparting that into your classes- if you’re a yoga teacher.
Excellent for Teachers and Educational for anyone on the mat!”
ZFlow Power Yoga 
60 minutes
$15 Drop-In rate
ZFlow is a fun, powerful, and richly enhance the form of vinyasa yoga that takes you deeper into the posture where you tend to “hold back.”
The challenge doesn’t lay in the posture, it lies in oneself to transform… rooted on the inside.
Come to experience An All Levels flow, as there are modifications for each posture, to accommodate the physical needs.