A Weekend with Rob Hess an Energetic Vinyasa

A Weekend with Rob Hess an Energetic Vinyasa
The Power of Flow 
May 19th – 12pm-1:30pm
Join Rob Hess here at Be Hot Yoga as he takes you on a powerful journey to understanding the sacred fire that lies within us.  As he teaches us how to harness the sacred fire of the Devine Prana shakti and explores the journey to not only the outer but inner fire while still staying rooted in the source from within.  Rob explores the understanding of the apana and Prana the flow of energy that keeps us grounded yet staying strong as we flow forward in life.  Come ready to awaken the inner fire.
The Art of Sequencing 
May 19th – 2pm-5pm
For teachers or any who want to deepen their understanding of yoga asana.  This will be an exploration of the family tree of asana and how to create and understand the movements of Prana and how they relate to the flow of asana
Join Rob here at Be Hot Yoga for this amazing teacher forum as we discuss and learn to create a dynamic class for others or for our own home practice
Pranic Soul 
May 20th – 10am-12pm
Prepare to open your heart, soar with grace, and smile while flowing with love.  Let the spirit move you, and have fun rocking your Sadhana in your own divine way.  Sadhana means spiritual exertion towards an intended goal.  The goal of Sadhana is to attain some level of spiritual realization, and this practice can involve meditation, chanting, and all around joy or bliss, as we come together and share. Pranic Soul will awaken our deepest connection to the source and renew the Prana Shakti (the life force) within each and everyone of us.